The Importance of Personalizing Greeting Cards

Personalizing Greeting Cards

9 out of 10 Americans look forward to receiving personal letters and greeting cards. Adding a personal touch to your greeting cards can make them even more special to the receiver.

Here are some tips for personalizing greeting cards:

Decorate the outside of the envelope with drawings and stickers. Adorning the outside of the card adds more pageantry to the thoughtfulness inside.

Write the person’s name or nickname on the inside of the card. Personalizing the card reminds them this card was sent just for them.

Underline, circle or highlight the phrases that apply or hold special meaning. This is a great way to signify how the card personally applies to your loved one.

Write a heartfelt note inside the card. If you are not especially eloquent, write something simple, such as, “I am not always great with words, but when I read this card, I thought of you.” The most personal cards are honest and heartfelt.

Enclose a meaningful photo. A special photo could be of the two of you or of someone or something else unique to your relationship.

Enclose confetti inside the envelope. This simple surprise is easy and fun and will make the receiver feel extra special.

Add a small gift inside. If your card is for a holiday or occasion, you can add a small gift certificate to a favorite store, a CD of your favorite music or special jewelry to make the card a gift in itself.

Make your greeting cards a part of an ongoing conversation. Create a sequence in which each card you send tells part of a story and together they answer a question or reveal a hidden message.

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