Recipe for a Creativity Smoothie

26326577_M-239x300A good smoothie is simple to make. Most people are able to accomplish the task of gathering the ingredients, putting them in the blender and pressing start.

Being creative in your life is like a good smoothie. It can help you think of ways to develop professionally and personally, just as a smoothie can help you to be healthy. When blending a smoothie together, there is no right or wrong way to be creative. The same is true for life – there is no right or wrong way to be creative, but sometimes you may need a little push to get your creative juices flowing.

Being creative is different every time, requires many elements and blends together several different things to create something truly unique. Try this recipe for your unique creativity smoothie.

The Creativity Smoothie:
1 base liquid: Every smoothie needs a little bit of liquid to get the blend going. Some people use things like milk or juice. Similarly, every creative idea needs a base, an end goal. What are you making or developing? Is it a table, a marketing solution or a new dinner idea? That’s your base that will help blend everything together.

2-3 different fruits: The best smoothies are often a combination of flavors. The best creative ideas are also a combination of other ideas. Don’t be afraid to explore different ways to do something or different options, just like you shouldn’t be afraid to try different fruits or vegetable combinations.

1 vegetable: The best smoothies are delicious and nutritious. It’s so easy to throw in spinach, carrots, avocados or other vegetables with your fruit for an added nutritional bonus that you barely even notice. In your creative project, the vegetable is the structure of your project. It’s you asking yourself questions: Is this practical? Does it work? If your project doesn’t function properly, it probably won’t work. You can’t make a healthy smoothie if it’s mostly frozen yogurt or ice cream; you need to have some nutritional value.

A blender: Once you’ve assembled everything, you’ve got to throw it in the blender and let it go. If you’ve ever made a smoothie, you know that everything gets twisted, churned and generally pulverized together to make one smooth, delicious drink. Being creative is the same way. You have to be willing to jump in, mess up all your elements, mash everything together, blend it up and generally pulverize it to create what you intended.

Making your own unique smoothie is never the same experience twice and neither is being creative. You never know what you get until you are finished.

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