Success with a smile

Success with a smile

In today’s changing world, one of the most common complaints about retail stores and business is poor customer service. In fact the numbers are so staggering that 78% of consumers admit to bailing on a transaction due to a poor customer service experience. The good news? On average the loyal customer is worth up to 10 times their initial purchase.
It’s important to begin changing the frustration of the customer service relationship into a positive experience. The first issue to address is the actual complaints. Remember, the customer is always right! This is a seemingly overused statement but one that we should all take more stock in. Here are a few simple steps to help: Believe the complaint, listen to the problem, apologize, satisfy and thank. Your business will B.L.A.S.T to success with this mentality.

The next step is building interpersonal relationships, particularly between long term employees and regular customers or businesses and clientele. These loyal relationships are your best promotional device! So take the extra minute to genuinely ask about the experience, share a story or listen how to improve their experience.

Lastly, always remember thanks. Be grateful in all you do, and it will foster meaningful emotional relationships. Consider the news in recent years: Corporations that treat their employees with courtesy and decency have increased employee support, visible through the shopping experience. Your small business is no different.

For example, it never hurts to send a card of gratitude! Let your customers know how much you appreciate them. You might send a card thanking them for their patronage. You might send a card to a customer you haven’t heard from in a while to invite them back. Whatever you do, make sure your customers know you appreciate them by providing the best customer service possible.

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