Who are you?

Who are you? Not what do you do, or what do you sell, but WHO ARE YOU? Do you know? Do you want to know?
They say “people buy people, not websites” “people buy people, not products” — right? So, why do you want people to *buy you*?

What are YOU offering that others that sell the same product/service you do, don’t offer?

HOW are you different from your competition?

Or HOW can you ENHANCE the marketplace to even HELP your competition? (why help them? because what goes around comes around, and the more you help others, the more it WILL come back to you) It is a *Universal Law* and God made our Universe 🙂

What are you doing in building your *personal brand*? Internally and Externally – it is who you have become or are becoming, because of *your story* — so it is unique to you, not anyone else, because you are the only one that has lived or is living your story.

You want to be your authentic and expressive self, that when you speak, and move, it transfers to others, your belief, your value, your story, your *you*……and that is how you will *connect* with others.

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