Are you willing to pay the price for success?

Laurie Delk

We see the stories of who climbed to the top and see their success right?

But do we always see the price tag that person had with that success? Are we willing to pay it?

–Hard Work

Most people do not become successful overnight.

I have been abundantly blessed by God in so many areas…
But I have paid some prices too…..

–Friends and family have said *no*

–Lost lots after being in a different company, and after hitting 5 figures monthly, then a greedy owner, it went under.

–Lost my husband’s mustang and harley, after my income went down, and he had back surgery that *went bad* and he had to leave his career at the police dept and be off work for an extended period of time, with lots of medical bills.

–Got a *job* making $10/hr to pay bills and get insurance for my husband after he had to leave his job.

–Thousands of dollars invested in training & personal development

–Joining a company and working it every day even if 15 minutes a day only, between work, family, church, etc.

—Lost my husband in a tragic car accident.

There are many other things I *could* list here – as I am sure we all could……
But in the end – I have been SO amazingly blessed by God, with awesome friends, family, church, finances, my company and so much more.

There is a price for success
Are you willing to pay it?
Are you dedicated to yours, and your teams, and your family’s success?

Wishing all of you the very best for 2015!!!!

Tell me your story…..Tell me your why….Tell me your want for success

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