Winning Over Worry

There is practically nothing worse for your business than constantly worrying about how to find that next person to whom you can present your product or service.

Yet that is typically the very thing that happens when you have no system for acquiring new prospects.

Good morning – my name is Laurie Delk, and I am with SendOutCards.

A business without a steady flow of Referrals always keeps you on the defensive, knowing that it’s up to you to come up with new people to talk to.

On the other hand, a business based on endless referrals fills you with peace of mind!

Having a system for acquiring endless referrals means going to sleep at night knowing you’ll have new business waiting for you the next day, and the next, and the next – for as long as you desire.

A great Referral for me today would be your friend, the Insurance Agent, whom you’ve overheard saying, “I have no earthly idea where my next prospect is going to come from!” Give them my business card!

Remember, if you want to help them get all the Referrals they can handle – introduce them to me and SendOutCards!

Watch the videos on my site, if you want to TRY our system ONE month, the $31 preferred (wholesale) package gives you 33 CUSTOM cards, or 50 regular greeting cards – I will GIVE you that FREE – NO STRINGS – my ONLY rule, is that you watch the videos on the site below, then you add the $15-25 for the stamps to the acct to send out those cards I gifted you within 30 days

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