Cards for Kids

Cards for Kids is a program that helps schools use greeting cards as a hands-on language arts and social studies teaching tool, and encourages students to send or deliver cards to community nursing homes, shelters and senior centers.

Students gain basic communications and social studies skills, learn about the needs of the elderly and less fortunate, and have the opportunity to connect with others in their community.

Teach your kids to Send Out Cards!

I have 4 packages, starting fromĀ  $9.80 up to $395.

the 1st one is $9.80/mo, that gives you 20 points a month – which is 20 post cards or 10 greeting cards, or a mixture of the two. This package allows you to send any of the 15,000+ cards we have in our online system, but NOT create your own CUSTOM cards. Any future points are .49 ea

the 2nd one is just buy as you go, points range from .49ea to .99 each depending on how many you buy.

the 3rd one is $31/mo that is the WHOLESALE/PREFERRED customer package – basically gives you a system JUST LIKE MINE, where you can buy AT MY COST. This gives you 100b postcards or 50 greeting cards per month. Any future points are .31 ea

the 4th one is the MD/ENT package that is a ONE TIME $395 fee, (plus $59 yearly renewal) and that is the EXACT package above, BUT – if anyone you EVER send a card to decides to use this system in their personal or business life, you can earn referral fees. (basically, refer 3 others to do what you wanted to do, and you have earned all your $ back plus more!)

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