Plan B – do you have one? do you *really* know what one is?

Many people say a plan b, is a side income stream where you want to make a little extra money every month….(which it can be that, and that is good, right? I mean, everyone can probably use that from time to time :))

But also it is a safety net, that can help you through some tough times.
Used to be, many people worked for one company from the time they started work, till they retired.  But it is not always so, and very much less so in today’s world.

There are people I am hearing about getting fired after 5-10-15 years(for really no reason, other than someone else can do their job at half their salary) or the actually business shutting down because they are upside down and cannot continue operations, so they have to lay everyone off and shut down.

Then also what if something happens medically? What if one of the breadwinners in your family gets hurt, and needs surgery, and what if that doesn’t work out so well, and they keep needing medical things for a few years? even with insurance that 80/20 split can be pretty high on several or many thousands… and what if they cannot work, or if they cannot work their same job and have to get a different job at a lesser income…

And even if you have and own your own business- how secure is that?
My Mom is a licensed massage therapist, certified reflexologist, and beautician – she is very good at what she does…but if some reason she cannot work on a client – she doesn’t earn any $
My Dad is a custom home builder, he is very good at what he does, and granted he has people that work for him, so might be a little easier on him, but if he couldn’t go to work, how well would be build a house?

I thank God for my plan B which is an awesome tool to help businesses keep in touch with their clients and customers, it is an awesome tool for people to keep in touch with their friends and family, it is cheaper and more convenient than in stores, it is a very low monthly (which is not even really required), it allows me to send out happiness to the world, it also did help my family through a time, when we needed it, and now, over 8 years later, we are very blessed to have this *plan b* that allows me to send out happiness through the mail, and bless other people’s lives, and at the same time, get paid for it.

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Laurie Delk

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