As a customer of mine with SendOutCards, I want to be sure you are well taken care of. 

I am frequently asked the same questions, so I have posted my response to these questions below.

•What training resources are available to help me get the most out of using my SOC account?
•What’s new in my SOC account?
•What’s new in the gifting section?
•How do I get the best prices with SOC?
•What’s the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge?
•How can I upgrade my customer account to a distributor for FREE?
One of my colleagues, Jordan Adler, is offering a free live Customer Training webinar on May 23, 2012.  His last webinar had more than 900 guests in attendance, so he is offering it again.  During this one hour webinar, Jordan will review different aspects of the SendOutCards site and will also share real examples of how to use SendOutCards to build relationships and good will within your network.  This is a live webinar and it will NOT be recorded.

Customer Training Webinar
Wednesday, May 23, 2012
6:00pm Pacific  / 7:00pm Mountain / 8:00pm Central / 9:00pm Eastern
AUSTRALIA – Webcast is on Thursday May 24th at 11am AEST (Sydney/Melbourne)
After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.

Space is limited, so reserve your Webinar seat.

What training resources are available to help me get the most out of my SendoutCards account?

SendOutCards has a recorded tutorial section. After you log into your account, find the Help menu on the red banner. Under that, click on Tutorials & Media. You will find a number of topics there.

In addition, I have created some printable step-by-step instructions for several topics:

Finally, you can always contact me at 931.380.8811 or
In addition, you can contact SendOutCards Customer Service during business hours at 801-463-3800 or by accessing the Help Chat Online. You will need to have your customer ID (starting with an “r”) in order to access this.


What’s new in my SendOutCards account?

We have made some wonderful enhancements to the SendOutCards system:

•New fonts, templates, graphics (under elements)
•In addition to postcards, 2-panel and 3-panel cards, we now have Big Cards (8.2” x 11.5”)
•Add a video (QR Code) to your card
•Enhanced Photoshop-like tools to make really cool photo cards with your own pictures
•Remote photo storage (great way to back up your digital photos in case of hard drive failure or loss of your computer)
•A Photo Store that offers great new photo gifts:
•Business cards
•Photo books
•12-month photo calendars
•Canvas prints
•Metal prints
•Bulk greeting cards (using your own photos & graphics)
•Posters & photo prints
•iPhone 4 cases

What’s new in the gifting section?

In addition to the wonderful Photo Store gifts you can create, we offer a variety of gifts and gift cards to be sent with your greeting card.  We have hundreds of gifts in 20 categories, and we also have 19 gift cards to choose from.  Gifts are paid for with Points.  Gift cards are paid for with Expense funds (also used to pay for postage for gifts and cards).

Recently I’ve been enjoying sending out graduation and wedding gifts this way.  It saves me a lot of time! Check out the Gift Catalog and gift cards available now.

How do I get the best prices with SendOutCards?

Any customer can now receive our lowest Preferred Customer (wholesale) rate of $0.31 a point by simply setting up a monthly subscription for 100 points a month ($31)—enough for 33-50 standard cards, 33 customized cards, or some cards and gifts. Any unused points roll over to the next month and are good for a full year from the date of purchase, and there are no contracts, so the monthly subscription can be reduced or stopped at any time.

Customers can receive our Retail rate of $0.49 a point by setting up a monthly subscription for 20 points ($9.80)—enough for 10 standard cards a month. As with the Preferred Customer rate, unused points roll over to the next month and are good for a full year from the date of purchase, and there are no contracts, so the monthly subscription can be stopped at any time.

For those who prefer not to be on any subscription, the cost per point with our Pay-as-you-go option ranges from $0.59- $0.99 per point, depending on how many points are purchased.

If you are currently not on a subscription, you are paying $.59–$.99 per point ($1.18-1.98 per standard greeting card) and you could be paying as little as $0.62 per card.  I suggest that you set up a subscription so you can save money.
(like I said, points roll over and you can cancel at any time, so even if you don’t us a lot, best bet is to do the preferred for a few months till you get some built up, then cancel for a few months till you use up what you have :))

Contact me with questions.  I’m here to help!


What’s the 30 Day Gratitude Challenge?

To participate, you commit to sending a card of gratitude each day for the next 30 days. After you complete the challenge, if this has not had a profound positive impact on your life and your relationships, I will pay for your cards. In order for my offer to be valid, you must have completed the challenge for the complete 30 days — sending one card a day – NOT sending 30 cards at one time.

The power of this process is in beginning each day by expressing gratitude.  Doing this sets the tone for your whole day, and it also does amazing things for your relationships, since everyone loves to feel appreciated.

When Kathy was first introduced to SendOutCards in September of 2005, she was in a deep depression, and she pushed herself to BEGIN each day with gratitude by sending a card to someone she cared about. 
Within a week, her depression had lifted.  I’d love to hear what 30 days of expressing DAILY gratitude does for you, and I hope you will share your experience with me.

Here is a document to help you track your daily card-sending. I suggest that you print out the commitment and sign it. Keep this visible as a reminder to send your daily card of gratitude. You do not need to send this to me.

How can I upgrade my customer account to a distributor account for FREE?

SendOutCards will pay you to share this great tool with your friends and help them save money & time! To get paid, you will need to become a Marketing Distributor.

SendOutCards is offering a FREE upgrade for any customer who bought the $99, $199 or $398 customer packages, which is how people became a customer before 5/24/11.
That’s right…you may upgrade for FREE to become a Marketing Distributor IF you previously bought one of these packages. (because we now, no longer have sign up fees on the customer packages)
Why would you want to upgrade?  Almost everyone you know sends cards…or at least they would like to.  They probably don’t send as many as they intend to for three reasons:

•Store-bought cards are expensive…usually $3-5 per card.
•It’s a hassle to get in the car and drive to the store to find the right card when you want to send one.
•People forget about important occasions like birthdays.
SendOutCards addresses all three of these reasons why people don’t send as many cards as they would like to:

•With SendOutCards, you can send a card anytime without leaving the comfort of your home or office.
•Our most expensive standard card is $1.98.  Most people prefer to save money by setting up a subscription for either $9.80 a month–enough for 10 standard cards a month at $0.98 a card, or $31 a month–enough for 50 standard cards a month at $0.62 a card.
•We have a built-in reminder system that lets you know when an important date is approaching, so you’ll never forget an important birthday again.
When you share SendOutCards with family, friends and colleagues, you are helping them by providing a tool that will save them time and money.

SendOutCards does not pay for expensive advertising. Instead, they pay individuals like you and me to provide the most effective marketing available…called word-of-mouth marketing. As a way of thanking you for spreading the word, SendOutCards will pay you for life for all the cards and gifts your referrals send from the system, because you shared it with them and helped them get started.
Upgrading to a Distributor account provides an easy and fun way to earn additional income, whether you want to just earn enough to pay for your own cards and gifts you send out, earn a few hundred dollars extra each month, or replace income so you can quit a job you dislike or retire.  You decide how much or how little you work your business.

I’ve been a distributor for 8 years. In that time, I have generated a large enough group of people sending cards and gifts that I earn a livable income with SendOutCards.  For the first time in my life, I am truly earning residual income—income that comes in whether I work or not.
In the first quarter of 2012, I traveled to Salt Lake City, Atlanta, Knoxville, Charlotte, Hawaii, and Vegas next month. My commission checks from SendOutCards continued to arrive each month, even though I was away from my office for one-third of that time. That’s the power of creating passive income.

When you are ready to upgrade to become a Distributor, simply call SendOutCards at 801-463-3800 or log into your SOC account and click on the Help Chat Online (during business hours Monday-Saturday) and let them know that you want to upgrade to become a Marketing Distributor. You will need your customer ID number (begins with an “r”) when you contact SendOutCards to upgrade.


I feel so blessed to live the life I have.  As you may know, I started a web design and graphic business in 1994. I started my SendOutCards business in 2004. 

If you’d like to enjoy more lifestyle freedom in your life, I’d love to spend a few minutes learning about your goals and helping you explore ways that you can turn desire into reality.  Please email or call me to request a time to talk.

Warm regards,

Laurie Delk
SendOutCards Executive and Corporate Certified Trainer

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