Keeping in Touch with your Clients

Many people want business right – we all do! But we expect people to remember us 2 years after we have done business with them! Are they going to? Would you? If someone, for example, sold you a car…..They were a GREAT salesperson, did a GREAT job, you LOVED their service, and DEFINITELY would recommend them to anyone you knew. So, now 2 years down the road, your friend Sally mentions to you she is thinking about buying a new car. Do you remember the guys name that sold you the car to refer him business? Well, if he has NOT kept in touch with you AT ALL, you probably do not! But – if he sent you an email, called you, or sent you a greeting card in the mail, once a month, or even once every couple months, then he would be “TOP OF MIND” with you, and you would *probably* remember him, and you would be HAPPY to tell your friend Sally about your experience with him, and would tell her to call him. You would remember the name of the dealership as well as the saleman’s name!

Isn’t this how you want to run your business? Don’t you WANT your clients to remember you? Harvard’s Business School says we all know about 250 people in our *circle of influence*. Do you want to tap into those, or would you LIKE to tap into the 250 people that your 250 people know??? I like the latter idea much more! With that – same thing, if you KEEP IN TOUCH with the 250 people you know, by sending them emails, making phone calls, or even sending a greeting card once a month or once every few months – it would help you to stay “TOP OF MIND” with all your friends, family and clients….And when you do this, people are going to remember you, and if they think you do a good job in your business, they are going to refer you to their friends and family – without you even asking!

Isn’t that the point we would ALL LOVE our business to be? 100% based on referrals without ANY advertising?

That IS how I run my business, and have for years…..and if you stay tuned, I will teach you tips and tricks I have learned and used over the years to help me, that can also help you in your business.

~Laurie Delk

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