Emotional Benefits of Greeting Cards

A greeting card in the mailbox not only brightens our day, but can instantly connect us emotionally to friends and family.

That special bright-colored or hand-written envelope stands out among our piles of bills and magazines and serves as a reminder that someone has taken the time from their day to reach out to us and show us they care.

Whether because of an annual holiday or an unexpected gesture, greeting cards keep people connected, benefiting both the sender and receiver.

Greeting Cards–

Means someone has taken the time to send a special message

Adds a personal touch to special occasions and holidays

Connects us to all different types of people including co-workers, teachers, family and friends

Helps us put our emotions into words

Provides a tangible keepsake to document special moments in our lives

Helps us reach across generation, gender and cultural communication gaps

Provides comfort to someone and make sad times less painful

Boosts emotional well-being through reaching out to others

Makes a loved one feel special

Preserves memories of connections with friends and family

Shows someone you care!

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