Master Keys To Client Loyalty

Do you send birthday cards to your clients?

Anniversary cards?

What about holiday cards????

Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are master keys to client loyalty.

This is a simple concept. Your clients will demonstrate dramatically increased client loyalty to you, naturally, when you communicate that you value the importance of their personal and family celebrations.

Does this ring true for you?

With enough loyal clients, any business will exceed its financial goals.

Is there a magic bullet? Yes. Of course. It has been proven over and over again, for 600 years – send your best clients a greeting card.

Basic, but very, very effective.

Then, why is it so difficult to act on this truth?

Because it is a staffing nightmare to organize and execute. Remembering dates, buying cards, writing the message, stuffing, stamping, mailing!!!

It takes determination, but wait….

We have a system that has solved the greeting card problem.

Never again address, stuff, stamp and mail another birthday card.

In less than 60 seconds, enter your client’s basic information online.

As easy as sending an email, except that your client receives a “photographic quality” greeting card in the mail.

The greeting card company prints, stamps and mails the card.

Choose from over 15000+ cards. Custom cards are easy to create.

Even upload your current database in mere minutes.

The online data manager never lets you forget a birthday or anniversary.

Send multiple cards as a follow-up campaign, automatically, whenever you say, even months from now.

Add your signature, even use your own handwriting font.

Add a picture or image from your computer – they print it next to your message.

Compassionate client follow-up the easy, effective way.

This works – beyond your expectations.

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