Shhhh! I know the secret recipe for converting business contacts & casual customers into loyal clients

Has This Ever Happened To You????

Scene #1:
You meet someone at a business luncheon (or by chance in a long line at the hardware store). After a brief discussion, your new acquaintance suggests that he might swing a little business your way. You exchange business cards. Will your new business contact become your new customer?

Scene #2:
Not all customers (or clients) are created equal. Some are (how shall I put this politely) just customers. They drift in, then drift out of your life. However, a smaller percentage of customers power your business forward. Perhaps they are regulars or they refer their friends. Sometimes they are just good folks and they always brighten your day. Will they remain your clients, customers or patients?

In scene #1, rather than rely on chance, why not make certain that you convert your new business contact into a new client?

In scene #2, why not make sure that those special customers know how much you appreciate their business, in a way they will remember?

Success in both of these scenarios is simple to achieve and the costs are negligible compared to the returns.

Is this a new or revolutionary business system?

Hardly. In fact, it is more than 600 years old, yet, remains the world’s favorite form of written communication.

However, today’s technology has changed the playing field. What took hours of effort a year ago, takes little more than a few clicks of your computer mouse, today.

(And yes, if you have an Internet connection, your current computer and software will do the job just fine.)

This works ~ beyond your expectations.

Ask me how, or visit my site at for more information on how to keep in touch with your clients.

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