Transcendental Marketing Magic

You never know when the person you meet by chance will help your business in ways that you cannot imagine.

Some people call this synchronicity.

“Business Networking” is the more common name.

And building a network of business contacts (expanding your circle of influence) is a “no-brainer.” That’s why you have business cards.

The big question, what’s your next move, after you exchange business cards with your new contact?

You need an edge, something to set you apart from every other person with a business card.

The ideal solution has a 600 year history and remains the world’s favorite form of written communication – send your new acquaintance a greeting card.

Without question, it’s the most vibrant way to say:

“I’m glad I met you.”

It’s also a stunning way to tell a new or favorite client “Thank you.”

You say this sounds too simple (not as transcendent as promised)?

Think about it. When was the last time you received a “glad I met you” greeting card from someone you just met?

Try this experiment. Send a “glad I met you” greeting card to the next ten people who give you their business cards.

The results will knock your socks off.

Greeting cards have a powerful impact – far beyond their pretty exterior.

But greeting cards present their own set of challenges~
buying the cards, writing the message, stuffing, stamping, mailing!!!

It takes determination, but wait….a radical new idea in business networking.

A national greeting card company has solved the problem.

No greeting card company has ever offered anything like this before.

In fact, this technology is new, just in the last few years.

Never again address, stuff, stamp and mail another greeting card.

In less than 60 seconds, enter your contact information online

As easy as sending an email, except that your contact receives a “photographic quality” greeting card in the mail.

The company prints, stamps and mails the card for you.

Choose from over 15,000+ cards. Custom cards are easy to create.

Even upload your entire contact list in mere minutes.

The online data manager never lets you forget a birthday or anniversary.

Send multiple cards as a follow-up campaign, automatically, whenever you say…..even months or years from now.

Add your signature, even use your own handwriting font.

Add a picture or image from your computer – they print it next to your message.

An aggressive and radical new idea in business networking – the easy, effective way.

This works – beyond your expectations~

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