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2016 is a couple days away! :)


2016 is a couple days away!

If you want to EXCEL in your personal and/or business, you NEED to WRITE goals!

Take 30 min or so, in a QUIET spot, and write ALL the goals you want to reach this year!

Write them ALL down, even if you think it is too much, write it anyway — 80% of people that WRITE their goals achieve them more than ones that don’t!

Write them down, write them in DETAIL, FEEL it as you write them and read them to yourself, FEEL how you will FEEL in your life, after you have ACHIEVED those goals, FEEL how it is going to change/help your life, your family’s life, your spouse’s life, your kid’s lives…..

what kind of difference will it make for you? In turn, what kind of difference can you make in other’s lives???